Whose heart is not melted at the sight of an infant? The amazing thing to consider as we take in this image of the Nativity is that the Creator of the Universe did not come to us as a conqueror or as any mighty power to which we were called to bow down. Rather, he became one like us, so that he might be united with all of humanity. This in turn calls us to reflect on the God who entrusted himself to human care, who subjected himself to the authority of human parents, who was vulnerable to all the cares of the human being—loss, misunderstandings, worry, loneliness, frustration, injustice, torment. St. Athanasius wrote that God became a human being so that human beings might become more like God. United with us in everything but sin, Christ is present to be our strength and our hope in the face of challenges. We are called every Christmas to let him be truly born anew in our own hearts so that we may bring his Good News to all we love and all we meet.

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