What is SCRIP?

SCRIP Card Purchases

SCRIP are gift cards you can buy and use to make purchases at local merchants. When you buy SCRIP you pay the full face value of the gift cards. Purchases of SCRIP provide benefits which the H&S Association shares with you, the buyer, 50/50. The major local grocery stores support the SCRIP program, as do many other merchants including Wawa, Sunoco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and the Penn Valley Pub. See the list below for SCRIP cards normally in stock at the rectory. Many other merchants are also available by special order—inquire at the rectory.

SCRIP may be purchased at the Saint Margaret rectory any workday from 9am to 4:30pm. For faster service, you may email ( or call-in your order to the rectory (610-664-3770) and Maryann Cassidy or Teresa Myers will prepare your order for pick-up in a day or two.

For SMS families SCRIP also may be purchased by sending in your SCRIP order to the school in the returned Thursday Family Envelope on Friday morning along with a check made out to Saint Margaret H&S for the amount you have ordered. Your SCRIP cards will be available for pick-up or sent home with your child on Friday afternoon. (During COVID, you can send in your order any day and we will return your SCRIP gift cards the following day.)

You can also buy SCRIP gift cards on line at Your cards will be mailed to you, or you can add value to cards you have. As with SCRIP gift card purchases through the school, the benefit is shared with you and the H&S Association 50/50.

When you buy your SCRIP you will receive a white receipt slip from H&S indicating the amount you will be credited based on that purchase. Save these white receipts, as you will need them to redeem your credits.


SCRIP Credit Redemption

Redemption of SCRIP credits require a completed redemption form and the original white receipts you received when you purchased the SCRIP gift cards. Blank redemption forms are available at the rectory, the school office and online on both the church and the school websites. Turn in the completed redemption form, with receipts stapled to the form and totaled, to the rectory office or the school office. Indicate on the form where you want your credit applied. (Cash may not be given.) The minimum redemption is $50, except during special redemption periods (January and May). During the special redemption periods, you may redeem any amount.

Redemption can be applied (only) to:

  • Tuition at Saint Margaret School
  • CARES or Extended Day fees at Saint Margaret School
  • PREP fees at Saint Margaret Church
  • the spring Teacher Bonus collection at Saint Margaret School
  • a donation to Saint Margaret School
  • a donation to Saint Margaret Church
  • with prior approval of the Parish Business Manager, to tuition at certain local Catholic High Schools. Call Cliff at 610-664-3770 to check if your high school qualifies.


NOTE: After January 31, 2020, any credits dated in 2018 or before will no longer be honored for redemption. Please clean out your drawers and redeem whatever old outstanding credit slips you have! Expired unclaimed credits will be deemed a donation to Saint Margaret Home and School.


SCRIP cards – Normally in stock at the rectory

Note that the rebate percentage is subject to change based on the decision of the merchant. The percentages noted above are current as of September 2020.

During the Christmas gift-buying season SCRIP gift cards for many additional merchants will be stocked. Also, many other merchants support the SCRIP program for schools and we can arrange to get those cards for you. For more information, contact the rectory or go on the internet to for a list of participating merchants.

Date: September 2020


We thank you for your continuous support 


View a short handout about the program here

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Download the SCRIP Redemption Form

Download the SCRIP Card Order Form

Download the SCRIP 2021 Holiday Family Order Form