Parish Life

Parish Library:

Located on the stage in the Antioch Annex.  Books, videos, DVDs and tapes are available each weekday morning, plus Sunday morning before and after Masses.

Church and Rectory Gardens:

Volunteers tend the plantings in front of the church, around the rectory and in the Mary Garden.  If you have a green thumb and would like to help, please contact Lyle Nehls at


The Sunday Bulletin provides up to date information on the various activities of the parish, including a monthly calendar.   The Coordinator of Parish Services also sends a weekly email to interested members of the Saint Margaret Parish family every Friday morning. These emails contain a link to the coming weekend bulletin and a short list of key upcoming events. Email Nicole Bazis ( if you would like to be added to the email distribution list. 

You are encouraged to become involved in the life of your parish!