Young Adults

Being a young adult Catholic is hard. 
Let’s make it a little easier.

Being a young adult Catholic can be dope, but it is also incredibly challenging.  As a young adult Catholic our two main question is not only “How can I grow in my faith?” but also “Who is there to join me?” The desire to build a personal relationship with Christ, to share our spiritual gifts with others, and to ignite the world through prayer, service, and community is not lacking among us.  However, the pathways we can take to meeting our needs as a peer group are simply not as easy to locate.  Each week this newsletter will provide a weekly article guiding young adults to discipleship, resources for formation (Worship Schedules, Spiritual Direction, Retreats, Conferences), a calendar of young adult Catholic social events (Spirituality on Tap, Dinners, Bonfires, Small Groups, Praise & Worship), and exploration of current issues lying at the intersection of faith and justice.  Our goal is simple: develop a community of young adult Catholics accompanying one another to deeper and more personal relationships with Christ. 

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