When you don’t know what to say or where to start your Holy Hour, remember the Three Ts of Adoration:

  1. First 20 minutes — Thank You — Thank God for everything. Think about your whole life. Start with your conception, your birth, your Baptism, your childhood, etc., and think about all the people God placed in your life at each stage of your life. Thank God for every struggle and every joy you’ve ever experienced.
  2. Second 20 minutes — Teach Me — Ask God to teach you how to deal with the difficulties you are facing in your life and how to accept your crosses.
  3. Third 30 minutes — Take over — Ask God to take over your troubles and your troubled relationships. Hand each one over to God and envision putting each one on a shelf for God to pick up and handle.

5 Other Helpful Tips for Adoration

  • Be Patient
  • Bring Scripture
  • Pray the Rosary
  • Listen to Praise and Worship Music
  • Be Okay with Silence